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Limestone County Court System


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Circuit Judges





Judge Robert M. Baker and Judge James W. Woodroof, Jr. of the 39th Judicial Circuit.


Circuit Court Jurisdiction includes all criminal felony offenses, all civil actions where the amount claimed exceeds $10,000.00, domestic relations cases, all workers compensation claims, concurrent jurisdiction with District Court Juvenile cases, concurrent jurisdiction with District Court in Civil matters between $3,000.00 and $10,000.00 






District Attorney



Brian C. T Jones, District Attorney 39th Judicial Circuit.


 The District Attorney of the 39th Judicial Circuit is the Chief Law Enforcement Official in Limestone County who represents the people of the State of Alabama in prosecuting all felony and some misdemeanor criminal cases which occur within Limestone County. He employs a staff to support him in his duties which are specifically enumerated by Alabama Law.







County Clerk




Brad Curnutt, Circuit Court Clerk 39th Judicial Circuit.



For information regarding passports, absentee voting, warrents and court system documents.










Seal of the Judge of Probate

Charles Woodroof,

Judge of Probate



For information regarding estates, conservatorships, gaurdians, notaries, commitments, adoptions and marriages.



District Judges





Judge Jeanne Anderson and Judge Jerry L. Batts of the 39th Judicial Circuit.



Misdemeanors and small claims, concurrent jurisdiction with Circuit Court in Juvenile and civil matters between $3,000 and $10,000. Exclusive jurisdiction in civil matters not exceeding $3,000.

Adult Probation




Limestone County
State Adult Probation and Paroles Office



Tom Hurley, Officer in Charge
District D Division 1

Juvenile Probation




Limestone County
Juvenile Probation



Robert Valls, Chief Probation Officer
39th Judicial Circuit


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