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Limestone County
Volunteer Fire Departments

P.O. Box 367
Athens, Al 35613
Phone (256) 216-3828

     The Limestone County Volunteer Fire Departments provide needed Fire and EMT services to the residents of Limestone County by acting as first responders in many emergency situations. These services are provided through donations, limited appropriations, and shrinking tobacco tax. The ACTS of Alabama 2008-123, which was passed by legislation to levy a fire protection service fee for volunteer fire departments, was approved by the majority of qualified electors in the June 3, 2008 Primary Election. Under this law, Limestone County Volunteer Fire Departments gain financial assistance in the form of a monthly fire protection fee of $2.50 from each dwelling and $5.00 from each building located in Limestone County, excluding those houses and businesses located within the corporate boundaries of the City of Athens. The Guidelines for Fire Protection Service Fees were established by the Limestone County Commission on October 20, 2008.


Board Members:

Derrick Gatlin,
President 801

10709 Lucas Ferry Rd.
Athens, AL 35611
Home (256)-230-3526
Cell (256)-998-0043

County Supervisor 10
Doug Ezzell
P.O. Box 164
Athens, AL 35612
Phone: (256) 232-7940

Jesse Rager,
Vice-President 802

22382 Smith Rd.
Athens, AL 35613
Home (256)-729-8310
Cell (256)-426-2247

Forest Ranger 12
David Bullion
P.O. Box 164
Athens, AL 35612
Phone: (256) 232-7940

Paige Crouch,
Secretary/Treasury 803

17978 Newby Chapel Rd.
Athens, AL 35613
Home (256)-233-5098
Cell: (256) 431-2484


County Fire Departments

Ardmore 2401 District 1 Ardmore Fire Department
P.O. Box 223 Ardmore, TN 38449
Chief, Tim Toone
Home: 256- 423-6844
Cell: 256-434-0301
Asst. Chief, Jason Steele
Home: 256-206-2681

Elkmont VolFD Elkmont 1101 District 1
P.O. Box 129 Elkmont, AL 35620
Chief, Jeff McMunn
Home: 256-732-3775
Asst. Chief, Michael Carter
Home: 256-732-3787

Oak-Grove Thatch 1901 District 1
P.O. Box 1256 Athens, AL 35612
Chief, Darrell Blankenship
Home: 256-233-3591
Cell: 256-683-1763
Asst. Chief, Jody Hamm
Home: 256-206-6428

OakGrove Thatch 1901Oak-Grove Thatch 1901# 2 District 1
P.O. Box 1256 Athens, AL 35612
Chief, Darrell Blankenship
Home: 256-233-3591
Cell: 256-683-1763
Asst. Chief, Jody Hamm
Home: 256-206-6428

Piney Chapel VFDPiney Chapel 2301 District 1
22078 Compton Rd. Athens, AL 35613
Chief, Lance Pitts
Home: 256-216-9597
Asst. Chief

East Limestone VFDEast Limestone 1701 District 2
P.O. Box 54 Capshaw, AL 35742
Chief, Joey Boyd
Home: 256-233-1597
Cell: 256-497-8505
Asst. Chief, Bill Barber
Cell: 256-777-2879

Segers VFDSegers 2001 District 2
9229 Segars Rd Madison, AL 35756
Chief, Donny Spencer
Home: 256-232-5686
Cell: 256-777-8352
Asst. Chief, Ron Burgess
Home: 256-232-7889
Cell: 256-797-7699

South Limestone VFDSouth Limestone 1401 District 2
P.O. Box 19 Belle Mina, AL 35615
Chief, Larry Keenum
Home: 256-355-1136
Cell: 256-434-0693
Asst. Chief,

Clements 1301 District 3 Clements Fire Department
8996 Holt Springer Rd. Athens, AL 35611
Chief, Jesse Rager
Home: 256-729-8310
Cell: 256-426-2247
Asst. Chief, Steve Clark
Home: 256-614-0675

Tanner 1201 District 3 Tanner Fire Department
14071 Blackburn Rd. Athens, AL 35611
Chief, Danny Gatlin
Home: 256-232-6515
Cell: 256-431-5607
Asst. Chief, Marty Posey
Home: 256-233-3865

Goodsprings VFDGoodsprings 1601 District 4
33634 AL Hwy 99 Anderson, AL 35610
Chief, Andy Thompson
Home: 256-233-0413
Cell: 256-777-0586
Asst. Chief, Glenn Rose
Home: 256-729-8691

Owens VFDOwens 1501 District 4
17198 Blackburn Rd Athens, AL 35611
Chief: Gary Lovell
Home: 256-233-5306
Cell: 256-777-8510
Asst. Chief, Scott Jackson
Home: 256-216-8973
Cell: 256-457-8215

Pleasant Grove VFDPleasant Grove 1801 District 4
8022 Franklin Rd Athens, AL 35614
Chief, Keith Brackeen
Home: 256-729-8370
Asst. Chief, Chris Brackeen
Home: 256-729-0196
Cell: 256-497-0072

West Limestone VFD West Limestone 2201 District 4
26588 West Limestone School Rd. Lester, AL 35647
Chief, Frankie Riggs
Home: 256-232-1095
Asst. Chief, Tim Jackson
Home: 256-232-2916

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