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 Limestone County
Farmer's Market

Business Office:
310 W. Washington St. Athens, AL 35611
Phone: (256) 233-6400 Fax (256) 233-6403


The Limestone County Farmers Market is created to promote and identify a market place for local grown fruits, vegetables, plants, and other products locally made and/or processed.


To promote the sale of local grown farm products by giving local farmers the chance to sell food they raise directly to consumers and allowing consumers to buy fresh food from farmers who raise it.

To promote the sale of vendor produced goods. Some examples of vendor produced goods; honey, syrup, jams, jellies, breads, pastries, eggs, cheese, etc.

To offer a diverse product selection, attract a large and repeating customer base, and afford farmers and producers a profitable location to sell produce and other goods.


Covered facility at 409 Green Street West

Selling Season:

Market facilities shall be opened in the spring, rain or shine, except in case of severe weather, as seasonable produce for the area becomes available and will be closed as deemed necessary when demand and/or seasonal produce is no longer available.

Limestone County Farmer’s Market

Operational Schedule:

April through December (the market may operate on select days of the week Oct - Dec)

Tuesday through Friday
6:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Athens Saturday Market click here

Market Coordinator:

The Coordinator will supervise and control the activities of the market and the market property. Coordinator has full responsibility for making certain that all rules and guidelines as set forth are followed by each producer and his/her employee. Failure by any producer to comply with any of these rules and guidelines can result in the forfeiture of the right to do business at the market for a period of time.

Questions about the market may be directed to:

Limestone County Commission Office


Eligibility Requirements:

Only producers may sell at the market. A producer is defined as the person that grows or makes the product and may also include the producer’s family members, partners, and employees. A producer may be herein also referred to as a vendor in this and other market documentation. Producers should be located in North Alabama or the Tennessee Valley. Individuals offering products for sale at the market must be at least 16 years of age. Younger children must be accompanied by an adult responsible for the child’s safety and conduct.

Permits and Fees:

The growers of all produce sold at the market must hold a grower’s permit. They are available at local County Extension Offices. The purpose of the certificate is to ensure that the products sold originate with producer. This allows the producer and the customer to be exempt from state and local taxes for goods sold. A copy of the grower’s permit must be provided to the Coordinator prior to the first market attended. All permits must be available at each vendor’s booth in case of on-site inspection.

Market fee:

Booth Rental: $7.00 per day

Pre-rented booths must be occupied by 8 a.m. unless the market is notified otherwise. A booth may be shared but each producer will pay $7.00 each and each producer will provide grower’s permit.

Space Assignments and Reservation Policies:

Market Coordinator will designate rental space for all producers. Assigned spaces may change depending on the market’s weekly needs. Every effort possible is made to keep each vendor in a regularly assigned space. All applicants will occupy only one space per rental. Displays must be confined to the assigned space. Multiple spaces may be rented as needed.

Set Up and Clean Up:

Each producer is responsible for setting up his or her booth in the manner specified by the Market Coordinator. Producers will be solely responsible at all times for the cleanliness within their vending area. Each producer is required to leave the space clean.

General Violations:

No firearms, drugs or alcohol will be allowed on market premises. All profane, abusive, discourteous, and boisterous language and/or conduct at or in the market vicinity are strictly prohibited. There is to be no “dumping” of produce at the end of the market day.


All producers are liable for their own products.

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